Intellectual Property and Confidentiality

Is my trademark registered in Mexico? Let us confirm that. How can I protect my patent in Mexico?. Let us register your trademark, and look into the registration of your patents. Have you licensed that holding company trademark you intend to use in Mexico? How about those joint marketing efforts with your distributors? Let us help you in strategizing and building your intellectual property assets, which are a core part of your business. Is someone else using my international trademark in Mexico? Let us represent you before the Mexican Industrial Property Institute in defending your priority rights over your trademark.

Our firm only practices Mexican law. Attorneys in our U.S. Representative Office in Houston are only authorized to practice Mexican law, and are not authorized to practice Texas law.

Services and related matters

Advise in the Registration, Renewal and Protection of Trademarks, Patents, Commercial Names and Copyright Issues.

  • Structuring and strategizing regarding a series of pre-litigation actions for a U.S.-based company, and representation before the Mexican Industrial Property Institute of such company, in its request for the invalidity of certain Mexican trademarks identical to its own trademarks granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
  • Development and implementation of the Privacy Policies for a number of clients from different industries.
  • Development and implementation of strategies targeted to the contractual protection of trademarks, patents and other proprietary rights of our clients, and documenting their respective licenses.
  • Conducting phonetic searches to determine the registration feasibility of multiple trademarks and commercial names.
  • Registration of a number of trademarks for Mexican and foreign clients.
  • Analysis and general advice regarding patent registrations in Mexico and other countries.
  • Registration of a number of commercial names for different clients.

Drafting and Negotiating Contracts Involving the Development, License and Use of Software and Computer Programs.

  • Structuring, drafting and formalizing several structures to protect confidential information of a company before its employees and suppliers.
  • Drafting, negotiating and finalizing license agreements between companies regarding trademarks and patents.
  • Development and implementation of strategies seeking the contractual protection of confidential information.
  • Structuring, drafting and formalizing several structures regarding the proper treatment of confidential information, either as part of other contracts or documents, or as independent and stand-alone obligations.
  • Advising in the proper management of confidential information in order to comply with confidentiality provisions assumed by our clients.

General Advice and Formalization of Agreements and Documents Related with the Protection of Confidential Information and Other Proprietary Intangibles.

  • Reviewing, drafting and negotiating multiple software development and license agreements, for different types of business and services and in representation of a number of clients, among them a number of subsidiaries of Cemex.
  • Development and implementation of strategies seeking the contractual protection of proprietary rights derived from software development.

* For confidentiality purposes, we do not disclose the names of our clients in all representative transactions which are referenced above and within each of our practice areas.