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Junior Attorneys


Professional Development

The firm offers its associates the opportunity to participate in complex and sophisticated transactions under the direction of highly experienced attorneys who lead them throughout our practice areas.  The firm also supports our associates’ interest in participating in courses, seminars and academia programs which enable them to strengthen their specialization in a number of topics of the interest of our firm and our clients.


The firm successfully offers its professional team with a fixed and variable compensation scheme which rewards hard and outstanding work.  Evaluations are held annually for all staff, including a personalized feedback session and the appropriate compensation adjustment.

Organizational Environment

We are convinced that diversity is a key ingredient to a rich professional practice.  We promote and everyday live by values such as respect, tolerance and friendship to grow as a professional team.

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«The professionals at J.A. Treviño Abogados are a pleasure to work with. This helps set a positive tone with the client and promotes more efficient dialog and better results.» —Dennis Horowitz,
D.H. Partners, L.L.C.